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We are with you at every step, providing tailored solutions. You will get a free assessment of your property's
market potential at our first meeting.

Our Pricing Policy

Mela Management's pricing model is uniquely tailored to your property's nightly rental rate, ensuring a fair and adaptable approach. As your earnings increase, the percentage you pay decreases – it's a win-win strategy designed to maximize your success.

We're deeply invested in your prosperity; the more you succeed, the more we both benefit. This approach not only keeps us motivated to drive success for your property but also aligns our goals with yours, creating a partnership rooted in shared achievement."

 18% up to $300/night
15% for $300-$1000/night
14% for $1000+/night
10%-12% for 30+ days rentals 

Benefits Of Our Pricing Plans

Customized Plans: Our pricing is tailored to fit your property type and earnings. From small to large vacation homes, we have a plan that suits your needs.

Transparent Fees: No surprises here. Our fees are straightforward and clear, ensuring you know exactly what you're paying for.

Success-Based Approach: We earn more when your property performs better. Our fees are partly tied to your property's success, aligning our goals with yours.

All-Inclusive Service: Our price includes everything – maintenance, guest communication, and marketing. No extra charges for these essential services.

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